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Thank you so much for visiting my blog. This is a leadership blog for women leading in business, in ministry, and at home. But here’s the catch: My blog is overwhelmingly biased. That’s right. Everything that I write is from an Orthodox Christian worldview. But before you close the tab on your browser, let me tell you why my very biased perspective will help you maximize your full potential as a leader.

I spend much of my time in the book of Proverbs, a highly practical book written by Israel’s third king, King Solomon (970 to 931 BC), son of King David (1010 to 970 BC). If you do not know, King Solomon was the wisest (and richest) man who ever lived. He was filled with such profound wisdom that kings and queens from nations around the world traveled to Jerusalem just to hear King Solomon speak (see 1 Kings 10). The book of Proverbs covers many subjects that we all care about, including business, money, politics, relationships, communication, success, wisdom, women, and so much more.

Our focus here will be leadership, personal development, and productivity, and my purpose here is to share guiding principles that will help you on your leadership journey. So with that said, there is lots to learn and little time to waste. So let’s begin, shall we?

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